Happy New Year… it’s time to plan for Christmas?!

Confused? Well, I officially begin my planning for Christmas each year on January 1. This is the day that I sit down and evaluate the holidays and how they could be easier, more economical, and more enjoyable for my entire family.

For example, did the new appetizers in the line up impress, or were the old standbys still the favorites? Which gifts drew “ahhs” of appreciation and which were received with a polite “thank you?” And finally, was I able to stay within my budget, or did last minute, unexpected items pop up to throw me out-of-whack?

From recipes, to gift giving, to decorating, crafting and more — stay tuned for detailed, useful information on how you too, can make this the best Christmas ever!

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to The Best Christmas Ever! Susan also writes the fashion, beauty and style blog Susan Said What?! and the official blog for the literacy organization she co-founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait!


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