For the perfect Christmas ornament, Christina’s World has hundreds of choices

The Botticelli Madonna ornament would be a stunning addition to any tree and the perfect gift for any art-lover!

One of my favorite places to pick up unique gift items is in museum gift shops. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Longwood Gardens, museum gift shops always seem to have that “certain something” you just can’t find anywhere else.

But did you ever stop to wonder where all of the fabulous items actually come from? Well, I finally found out!  From stunning jewelry, to handcrafted wood, to sparkling glass, the recent Museum Store Association Retail Conference and Expo in Chicago was a veritable treasure trove of perfect gifts. And, despite the soaring temperatures, Christmas reigned supreme!

Although we were surrounded by beautiful and often exotic items, one booth easily stood out from the rest. Christina’s World is simply a mecca for the Christmas obsessed! The sheer number of different ornaments was astounding. The quality was unsurpassed. Clearly, I was hooked.

These Russian “egg” ornaments are inspired by the legendary Carl Faberge.

The inspiration for Christina’s diverse designs comes from many sources: her extensive travels in Europe, Russia, and the Orient; her studies in Italian and French; her former life as a ballet dancer, and her 10 years of experience with Creative Art Flowers – just to name a few!

You will find the most wonderful and unique limited edition Santas in Christina’s line, like the Fur Hat Santa trimmed with real marabou, the Button Santa from a 1940’s button cover, and Windswept Santa from a Russian paper Mache ornament.

There are also whimsical beaded ornaments, animal figures, old-fashioned clip-on birds, bead garlands and finials for every budget.

Delectable fruit slice ornaments look almost good enough to eat!

Christina’s specialty, however, is elegant and oversized glass ornaments. I’ve pictured a few of my personal favorites, but the choices are so varied – Arabian Nights, Birds of a Feather, Fabulous Faberge – you really must view Christina’s World online catalog to see the hundreds and hundreds of other options.

So, just how early can I set up the tree this year?

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and the co-founder of the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait. In addition to The Best Christmas Ever! Susan also writes the fashion blog Susan Said What?! 


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